Urban Hearth
We love what we do, care about our customers, and want to make their experience dealing with us enjoyable, professional and profitable.
Past President


Vanessa is the matriarch of Urban Hearth. She built this business from the ground up with the help of her daughter Amber and late partner Mitch while simultaneously running Embers. She takes her coffee black and she loves to travel, read, garden, rug rook, hang out with family and listen to music. Vanessa burns a Jotul TL50 in her home and cottage as well as a Kozy Heat Slayton 42 in her cottage.
"Urban Hearth is all about the people"


Amber has been with Urban Hearth since it opened in 2004. Although the tasks change day to day and year over year, the thing that stays consistent is the love of Urban Hearth's customers and desire to make what they do easier. Amber burns a Jotul GF 160 in her office and a Stuv 30 and a Jotul F 55 in her home.
"I LOVE working here because we care about each other and have a lot of fun"
Sales Manager


Colleen has been with Urban Hearth since the beginning. In 1988 she started her career in the hearth industry working for a chimney manufacturer responsible for inside sales. Colleen remembers always wanting to be on the road as a sales rep so when the opportunity to go on the road in 1997 presented itself, she jumped at it. That was when she found her true calling because she loves her job. Colleen will take her coffee black with just a touch of sweet, and she enjoys campfires, Netflix marathons, crocheting and spending time with her family. Colleen burned a Jotul Castine in her home for many years before upsizing to a Jotul TL50.
Operations Manager


Phil comes from a background in carpentry and he has a Business Administration Diploma with a major in Materials Management. Phil loves a good latte and he enjoys keeping fit, being outdoors and walking with his dog. Phil burns a Jotul F500 Oslo in his home.
Technical Services Manager


Scott has been with Urban Hearth for 5 years. He comes from a background in the industry having worked as a WETT Certified installer for 10 years. Scott takes a double double and loves to hunt, fish, and spend time outdoors with his wife and kids. He burns a Blaze King Chinook 30 in his home.
Sales Representative


Kingsley has worked with Urban Hearth since 2011. He started as a full time co-op student working in the warehouse and has stayed with Urban Hearth since then. He has been interested in working in the family business from a young age. Kingsley takes his coffee black and enjoys spending his time with good friends. He burns a Valcourt FP10 and a Jotul TL 50 in his home.
Sales Representative


Kyle comes to Urban Hearth with a business and marketing diploma and Canadian professional sales. He isn’t new when it comes to account management and relationship building with 7 years of experience. Kyle loves anything music, whether it be listening or playing guitar and appreciates a good sound system! He enjoys spending time with family, friends and his Siberian Husky Vinny. Kyle will never turn down a coffee with 2 creams and sugar, or a straight espresso shot!
Shipping & Receiving




Darlene has been with Urban Hearth since September 2018. She spent 20 years working in the finance industry, so her role in the accounting department here is a perfect fit. Darlene is a happily married mother of two amazing children. She loves spending time with family and friends, sports both as a participant and spectator, and takes her coffee with a healthy shot of cream.
Inside Sales


Ashley has been with Urban Hearth since January 2016.